It all started when...they were expecting child #2

Problem:  First floor layout; tiny bath; crowded kitchen; underused dining area

Solution:  Recreate space to incorporate open kitchen/dining and first floor bath

This young couple began to feel stressed with the expectation of child #2.  Storage was limited in their kitchen; the space was inadequate.  Their adjacent dining space was underused.  The bath was in an awkward hallway between both kitchen/dining.  The doorway in the hall to the exterior was never used.  They yearned for more usable space, more storage, lighter, brighter interiors with a layout more conducive to their growing family.

By eliminating the hallway altogether, the bath was relocated off the main entry hall, the kitchen enlarged with island and dining area was opened for more light.  A custom bar was built into the dining room space for additional storage and serving for family and friends.