Need the beach?

Oh............don't we all! 

Especially on a day like today in my part of the world with deep blue skies, warm air and breezes, we tend to dream of the respite of the beach.  If you don't live near a body of water and rarely get to the nearby lake or if the ocean is your calling but you're nowhere near one, create it.

Yup......create it.

With so many offerings on the market today, if you're considering renovating at all, and really love, I mean LOVE the water and its beaches, you can create that in your home and come home every single day to that wonderful spot.   Here's a kitchen we renovated with the beach in mind.

Using wood-look tile in a white washed finish, installed diagonally, we create the feeling of sand washing up on the shore in an irregular direction.  Soft paint reminiscent of the ocean adorns the walls above beadboard chair rail.  Quartz counters with an azure blue highlight sit atop the white cabinets.  The bench reflects those teak seating spots along the boardwalk calling to us to rest awhile.

Let your imagination take you

where you don't think you can go.


Maria PerronComment