Springtime......the great unveiling

At last we think, "it's finally here".  Warmer weather, tender seedlings peeking through the dirt, flowers pushing up from the ground, buds appear on tree limbs as tiny heads so perfectly green soon growing to full blown leaves.  The days seem fresher; of something new with hope and yearning.  But underlying all this is a swelling fear.  Time to open the doors, remove the tents, take off our coats and reveal what we've hidden for months.

For months we've been behind closed doors.  Windows were shut; coats were on; blankets and throws close by for cover.  We feel a subtle anxiety when once again we are challenged to open ourselves and our homes, knowing we'll once again be in view.   We check our wardrobe hoping we still fit into tiny tops and shorts.  We put away extra covers that under their heaviness kept us warm and secure.  We pull up the shades and........yikes!

There it is!  The dust, dirt, smudges that have been in hiding too.  Now in the bright sunlight they're exposed like little gremlins just waiting to be discovered.  We look around.  Things look tired.  When under cover in dimmer light they seemed "safe", they're now in full light and we feel stressed.  This isn't what we hoped we'd see when the lights came on.

But isn't it always this way?  What we love and live in all winter long in the light of Spring needs refreshing.  It's not just the yard and the garden, raking, digging, replanting that needs attention.  It's our homes.  We need to put away the heaviness and let out the light and airy. 

A few simple changes can create drastic differences and ease that anxiety.  Start in one room.  Yes, one.  If you attempt to go any further than one room at a time, you've already added to your stress and increased the probably you'll throw in the towel.

One room.  Remove all the heaviness, including tablecloths - if you use them; rugs, draperies, floral arrangements, books and other things you're not using.  Dust them off, clean them and pack them away.  Replace things you need, but lighter.  Sheers instead of heavy drapery; leave your floors bare - or change out your rugs for lighter colors.  If your floral arrangements were in heavy, dark containers, change to glass with simple elements; light colored arrangements.  Putting stuff away opens spaces; lightens the room, and creates a feeling of freshness and openness.

If your walls look tired, try a coat of fresh paint.  Use a lighter shade of the colors you already use.  You don't have to try too hard or start totally over, just go with what you already have, but lighten it.  This alone can have surprising affects. 

Upholstery looking dingy?  Outsource to have it cleaned.   This is a perfect way to keep your upholstery in good repair and prolong its life.  Put away the pillows - if you use them.  If you can't live without them, choose only a couple.

Bed linens can be changed and lightened.  Time for heavy quits and comforters to be cleaned and put in the closet for next season.  Lighten your bed by removing spreads and making with sheets and blankets only.  Put away heavy shams and instead use pretty pillow cases. 

Your home needs you.  You are its master and you create its ambiance.  You control what goes in and what goes out.  Working on one room at a time will give you the confidence you need to move to the next one.  Relax.  It takes time to get it just right and working on one room at a time takes the pressure off. 

Need help/guidance?  Give us a call.  Far away?  No problem.  We work long distance.  Send us photos and we'll walk you through how you can be the master of your domain and reduce your anxiety in this season of unveiling.