I beg to differ here.....

Ok, so I'm a bit miffed.  Surfing the internet I happened upon a blog by a person who was I can only guess trying to solve a problem for those who wanted to update their interiors.  But, in doing so, she made many grievous errors about this profession....."my" profession to which I took issue.

What the writer did was say things that most people are afraid of.  For instance,

Interior Designers are expensive

Interior Designers impart their own personal style into clients' spaces.

There was more, but believe me, these two statements were enough to set my blood to boil.  As a profession, interior designers have been fighting these myths for.....ever.  And they ARE myths.  There's always a few bad apples in the bunch, but that's true of every profession.  By bad apples I refer in particular to those who purport themselves to be "designers" relying on nothing more than somebody somewhere said they had good taste.  Maybe they do, maybe they're creative as hell, but how does that "qualify" them for this job?  And it is usually those types who impart their own style because their only belief system relies on .... you guessed it....them.  There's no training or experience behind their design, only self knowledge.

The true profession of interior design is a combination of creativity and technical knowledge.  The technical aspect of this profession includes space planning, scale and proportion, drafting, measuring, building codes, basic knowledge of electrical and plumbing systems, fabrics, furniture, safety, psychology and so much more.  No one can teach a person to be "creative".  This is a gift from God.  And, having it really helps this profession because what you, the buyer, the client sees mostly is that end; the pretty stuff. 

The icing on the cake.

Now to the "expensive" part.  Nope.  Sorry.  In fact it's the opposite.  A designer with experience and education can actually SAVE YOU MONEY.  Really?  You're way off there....right?  Nope...again.  Designers are out there, in the trenches, privy to some pretty great stuff, and yes, some of it is expensive, but most designers never charge full list or "retail" if clients purchase through them.  And, the products designers get are high quality.  None of this "made in China" stuff, unless, of course, that's what the client wants.  Usually products are made in America and made very, very well, to last generations.  And if priced comparably, the high quality piece is around the same cost.   That's right, you heard me, around the SAME cost.

Plus, in order to get that special, made in America, high quality piece, clients benefit from working with someone who is knowledgeable, has training and experience and guides them to their dreams; standing beside them; doing the leg work, the research, the proposals, purchase orders, receiving of goods and so much more. 

When an Interior Designer is hired, the client is hiring a mentor, a friend, someone to advise, counsel and walk beside them through the muck and mire that renovation or refurbishment can entail.  They are a valuable service which demands payment, not unlike any other profession.

So here I am drinking wine and plowing through a bag of chips because that's what myths and misunderstandings do to me.  I want the world to really know and love this profession like I do and stop all the erroneous chatter. 


The future is better than this and so are we as people. 

Call your designer today and have a chat.  You won't regret it. 

And you may be surprised by what your designer can do for you and your surroundings. 







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