7 Fall Style Secrets

September's around the corner......are you ready for Fall? 

Face it, no one ever wants to give up summer.  Those lazy days under a tree reading all afternoon, dipping your toes into the ocean, sipping cool drinks outside after dinner.  Nope, not easy to let go, but honestly, Fall is a beautiful time of year and the weather is still great for anything outdoors.  In fact, it's better; cooler, less humid, great for hikes and picnics, long walks and planning your decor for the season.

Here are 7 great secrets to Fall style.

1.  Color!  Deep reds, luscious yellows, harvest oranges and dark greens. 

These colors aren't in your home you say?  No problem.  With a few quick changes you can bring in one or all of these into your rooms.  For the best look?  Choose one as a major color and one as an accent.  Use these as paint colors if it's time for a bigger change or just in accessories.

2.  Warmth!  Texture is the best way to add warmth to your rooms that through the summer may have been filled with lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton.  Change out pillows, add throws and use textures, flannels, woven cottons that are warm by their very nature.

3.  Harvest!  Fall is the natural time for harvesting pumpkins, apples, gourds, squash and other fruits and vegetables.  Fill bowls or buckets with these beauties.  Accent your porch, your tables and entry ways.  Use nuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds still in their shell. 

4.  Changing daylight schedules!  The days tend to grow shorter in the fall culminating in the December winter solstice.  As the days shorten, you'll need to optimize your lighted spaces.Now is a good time to add more lighting.  Choose LED's for the brightest, most economical lighting.  Use 3-way bulbs you can intensify or dim as needed.

5.  Flowers!  Change out our summer blooms with hardier ones like Mums which are so prevalent at this time of year.  Usually displayed in baskets, they can be small potted sizes to extreme bucket size.  Intersperse these with harvest fruits varying sizes for a unique display. 

6.  Scents!  Fall is a great time for muskier fragrances gracing your home like cinnamon, dried leaves, orange, pumpkin, of course, to name a few.  Pine cones work great as fillers in decorating and buckets full of them in various sizes works too.  Fill your indoors with inviting scents.

7.  Decorate for Fall not Halloween!  Fall lasts longer than Halloween and while all the cotton gauze, ghosts on trees, gravestones, witches and more are great for ONE night, they're not great for all season. 


Hope this helps you prepare for the coming season.  Think outside the box and discover ways to do it just a bit different this year.  Pick only one color and use it everywhere; use unexpected items for candle holders, flower pots and more.  Dream big and have fun.


Maria PerronComment