December 15 is my red letter day.  It's the alarm on the calendar, the day by which the shopping, cards, decorating, tree up, food list, guest list, letters written, warm mittens found, china count should be well underway with little left to do.  It's the big red mark that says, "where are you in all the planning" and "will you be ready"?  It's the day of assessment when all is taken into account, laid out in front of me like a huge "to do" list.

So how am I fairing this year?  Oops!  The cards went out.  Letters were written.  We did find lots of warm mittens, some without partners, and even the ski pants missing since last winter.  The house is pretty.  Gifts?  Hummmm.....haven't really started.  Food?  Not yet.  China?  That one is easy other than the few missing pieces that weren't carefully put away last year.

What's happening?  Am I starting to let go of the frenetic rush?  Is it becoming less and less important to struggle through gift lists I can only hope will satisfy the special people in my life?  Where's my spirit?  I mean if these are the only two areas that I'm lacking this red letter day, am I so way off the mark?  Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself in my ever nagging quest to be perfect?  I think I'm starting to let go and you know what?  There may not be anything wrong with that.

My kids went and grew up on me.  They can now get anything they need themselves.  My husband's grandkids are too far away to join me in the great cookie making caper.  I miss that.  It's amazing to discover hidden talent that surfaces in a simple day of decorating cookies.  Artistic talents come to life in some of the most surprising ways.  We had such fun....made a huge mess, but had a wonderful time.  The kids miss it too.  So, how do I get that back?  I still plan to make cookies.....just not with a crowd of little ones.  Maybe I can borrow some kids?  Oooh, that's a thought. 

Anyway, do you have a red letter day?  Where are you in your great planning escapades?  My hope and prayer is that you are good.  That you've enjoyed all the fun the season brings.  That you found that one little thing that makes this year special.

I unexpectedly found the most beautiful ribbon and used it here/there for punch.  Just looking at that ribbon makes me happy.  I know, it sounds silly, but if you can find that one little thing that brings joy, then it's all worth it.  I'm off to make cookies.  Just love the smell it brings to the kitchen. 


Merry, merry Christmas to you and your families.