's not for wimps.

With visions of silver and gold spinning in your head for New Year's Eve celebrations, don't forget your home, especially if you're planning a festive get together.  But, can you pull it off? Hesitating?  Afraid your guests will see you as pretentious and overstated? Bah!  Humbug!  A statement reserved for haters of the season. Nonsense! In an era boasting relaxation, comfort and avoid of style, what are we yearning for?  Yes!  A bit of glamour; yesteryear; time-honored, valued traditions.'s a warning....glamour is NOT for wimps!

What does this mean?  It means in order to create it, you need to research it and step out of your comfort zone.  Veranda Magazine has some show stopping, guest drooling ideas in their January-February, 2016 issue.  Here's just a smattering.

What makes these rooms glamorous?  Actually, it's simple.  A bit of history; a bit of mirror and glass for shimmer; a bit of softness as femininity has a place in these rooms and light.

Now, honestly, you don't have to remake every room or completely redo everything you own.  Choose the rooms your guests will hang out in - namely, your kitchen/dining area and living room.  Change a few things using the tips here and wham!  You've just entered an era of long ago, demonstrating your exquisite taste in all things glamourous.  Don't be a wimp!  Try it and enjoy the atmosphere you've created.  Welcome to a brave new you in 2016.