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What we do & Benefits for you

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1. Redesigning space

Captives of our living space, we are oftentimes inhibited by interior barriers such as walls, doorways, walkways, stairs, poor lighting, limited storage and interrupted traffic patterns.  Our company focuses on redesigning space.  By redesigning space, rooms are transformed into interiors that function well, enhancing lives; providing needs we've gone without, creating "home".  If you're tired of trying everything out there, hoping to "do it yourself" and willing to get it done, give us a call.  We're on point, educated, experienced and ready to work.  Read more about the project shown here on our portfolio page. 

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2. Refresh/Enhance/Update


Recently gone through a life change?  Have the kids left?  Is it just the two of you?  Newly married?  Expecting kiddos?  You just bought a home that isn't "you"?  Tired interiors?  Need something updated?  We get it.  We listen, understand and will transform your space for the way you live now inside rooms that feel good and welcome you home. 

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3. Physical limitations

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Anticipating surgery needing interiors that comfort during your convalescence?  Getting older and don't want to climb stairs but don't want to move?  Need a first floor bed/bath?  Need wider doorways, more space to get around?   We've worked with many just like you whose interiors need updating to accommodate specific issues.

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Most importantly......You receive interiors that function for your needs; the way you live your life.  Interiors that are enhanced, refreshed, updated and improved creating a sense of well-being and control in your life.  Interiors that complement any physical issue you may encounter such as declining eyesight, arthritis, accident or surgery recovery, bending or reaching and more. 

You receive guarantees on services from us and guarantees on products you purchase directly from us.   We're no nonsense.  We seriously spend time getting to know you in order to redesign for you.  

Need the fluff too?  We can do that, but let's get the plan right first.  Proven time and again, never begin without a plan.  Work smarter.  Do it right the first time and eliminate costly mistakes.

Additionally......Project management services so you can continue with your hectic lifestyle, assured someone is acting as your liaison working on your personal behalf in association with multiple trades to finish your interiors.  Someone you can call/email/text whenever you need support and guidance.  An invaluable resource with years of education and experience in the built environment.

Problem:  Culture dominated use of space

Solution:  Expand the kitchen; available storage; working/cooking surfaces


This families' culture dictated the wife shared meal preparation with both her mother and mother-in-law.  Each person had their own unique style and each worked with unique ingredients, all of which needed individualized storage.  The space, while adequate as a whole, was broken by a small kitchen with peninsula and an underused eating area.  We solved their spatial issues by creating a supersized kitchen complete with plentiful island, several prep areas, space for multiple appliances and storage for everything.  Using mixed mediums, the space dictates classicism with accents and adornments, moldings and mill work to finish.


Problem:  Tired, outdated space demanding updates and style

Solution:  A lakefront cottage gets transformed into a woodsy, rustic retreat.


Hired initially to renovate the porch for this cottage, the owners were so struck by the transformation of this singular room, they hired us to work our magic in the entire house.  Together with their architect, we re-designed this multi-level structure with an addition for guests.  We brought our creativity to the exterior of this home and added stone in random ways to accent the porch, addition, boat house and inlets.  The homeowners and guests alike relish in the newly created ambiance of this beautifully transformed lakeside cottage.



Problem:  Master bath has funky layout

Solution:  Redefined space creates convalescent comfort after an accident


The master bath, only accessible through the homeowner's closet off the bedroom was underused due to the location of the bathtub, poor counter space and no shower.  The plan, open up the entire space, reconfigure for tub, steam shower, closet and laundry in the back with lots of storage with a spa like feeling.  We used glass bloc, glass tile, contemporary fixtures and soft colors giving this space an atmosphere of serenity.



Victorian atmosphere in the woods.


This builder owned two homes.  The new home sat high on a mountainside in the midst of the woods in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Off the sunroom was a catwalk where family and friends could venture out into the woods into a gazebo on stilts high above the lake.  We were hired to fill the house with furniture and furnishings befitting yesteryear.  Warm, comfortable furniture graced with multiple fabrics, the texture of wicker mixed with antique tables embraced an atmosphere of long ago while making everything anew.  Floral, lace, trucks and dolls welcome children and family photos tell tales.



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