" Maria - I wanted to send a note of thanks for your help in designing my home. I've begun using a wheelchair to avoid being on my feet for long periods of time - and after trying out the kitchen, it's clear that the universal design principles you've employed are going to be keep me in my house for a while longer - maybe for good! ......... life is good, and I've been blessed to have my path cross so many wonderful people. So again, thank you for helping me plan for this scenario! "

- J. Pazzani


Constructing a new home is challenge enough, but when you aren't well and are in a wheelchair, many more issues come into play.  Our client was emphatic about the home not looking as though someone with a disability or physical impairment lived there.  of course, this was taken into serious consideration with all we planned.

When devising the master bath for our client, first we had to remove one of the windows.  The plan called for 3 large windows leaving no space for a vanity with mirror - so we closed one off.

We had to construct a vanity that our client could roll up to, so the toe kicks were set extra high to allow for feet in a wheelchair and the doors under the sink base were pocket doors that opened and slid inside the cabinet so our client could get close to the sink.

the shower was constructed of a generous size and while there is currently no roll in, the owner didn't want that, there is a bench and "tile" style water jets that can be used while sitting.  cubbies provides storage set low enough to access and the toilet area is large enough for a chair to enter and exit with ease.

We used limestone tile in differing sizes to embellish the bath, all in warm tones.  the owner has used this room after multiple surgeries and was able to maneuver well in the space.