Our clients purchased a large home built using beam construction so the ceilings could be high and open.  the 2nd floor landing was open to the main floor showing the stair, landing, bedrooms and baths.  two baths, one on each end of the house were comprised of two rooms; one with sinks/vanities and carpeted floors, the other with toilet/shower.  ceilings in the bath were disproportionate to each other and the space was tight with tiny showers.  the rooms were dark and fixtures were tired and dated.

Here is the guest bath, formerly 2 rooms, opened for maximum use and walking space.  We used alternate white/brown tile in this bath in a diagonal pattern that ushers one into the room.  the shower was fitted with 1" mosaic squares on the floor and 8 x 8 wall tile with a linear accent.  An interior cubbie was built for soaps/shampoos and a small angled bench was built into the corner.  A single glass door completes the shower.

Double vanities give guests lots of room for use with painted mirrors and lighting extended over the sink bases.  We used the same tile as the floor for the walls but in smaller scale and used the checkerboard pattern on the top for accent. Quartz counters and backsplash finish the cabinetry.

we tiled around the beam to make it part of the room.  Lighting, electrical and mechanical were updated into higher ceilings.