Don't live nearby but need help and don't know where to turn?

Do you frequently visit sites like and

ask for advice? 

Sometimes you need more than random help.  Sometimes, your projects need a dedicated designer who can focus on your issues and guide you through the process.

if you think working with a professional designer is out of your price range, just consider the cost of making mistakes.....especially in a renovation.  that's why we are here.  this is our skill, our experience....the help you need. 

you can work with a professional on line

Click below to fill out a short questionnaire to help us zero in on your particular issue(s).  We'll get back to you within 24 hours to help.

how much does it cost for advice?  Depending upon your question, it may cost nothing at all.  However, if you need more in-depth assistance, we do charge for our services.  After all, everyone should be paid for their work.....right?

We encourage you to not go it alone. 

We encourage you to step outside that comfort zone

and ask your question.

Let us help direct you; save you endless hours of stress;

and save you money.