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· Space planning 101.

· Is custom furniture really affordable?

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Space Planning 101

There is a solution for every room that may not be evident immediately. 

Have you moved into a new home and nothing you have fits?  Or, are you just tired of the same old rooms?  Space planning can be tricky.  Many people aren't' sure if there are rules to follow in regards to placing furniture in a space so it makes sense for use in that particular room.

Yes, there are rules.  Rules define the outcome with tried and tested ingenuity. 

It's important to first establish the activity of the room (some speak all by themselves like a bedroom or bath).  Knowing the activities you want in the room defines the needs of the space.  Next, it's good to have a center of interest - or focal point.  This could be a fireplace, a view out your windows or a large piece of art.  In other words, whatever is the "star" of the show in your room should be identified.  This can also be the path you want to enter the room - don't worry, I'll explain.

Next, traffic flows must be determined.  These are the areas through which people will walk to reach adjacent rooms or access closets or open doors.  Do you cross through the room to go outside or to the kitchen, bath or bedroom?  These obvious paths of travel will make it easier for you to figure out where to place furniture.

When you have figured out where you can fit your furniture without placing an obstacle in your traffic paths, your next goal will be to use scale and balance.  This is another area best left to a professional.  Who better to save your precious savings than someone who understands the basics and can point you in the right direction?  DIY is fine for some, but honestly, we wish you'd let us help.  We are trained and have the experience you so need to create your beautiful interiors - ones you can be proud of, enjoy living in and ones that make you wanna go home!

A couple of paragraphs back I mentioned "the path you want to enter the room".  Imagine a rectangular living room.  These types of rooms are natural for several "areas" of usage.  Conversation areas around the fireplace or focal point; reading nooks; game playing areas; TV watching - whatever is important to you and your family.  Sometimes angling furniture in a room creates a specific path into the room that's not only interesting but inviting.  Your guests will wonder how you came up with the idea all the while mesmerized at the result.  All you did was move your furniture....:).  Yup.  That's all it takes. 

Remember, we are here and ready to help. 

We love working with our clients and can help you make intelligent decisions so you will begin loving your interiors, ones that make you want to go home.



Custom Furniture, is it Affordable?

Custom....by Thibaut   

Custom....by Thibaut


The short answer is yes!  Anytime you hear the word custom, do you immediately disregard the item?  Custom simply means you decide.  It means you choose the sofa frame, the legs, the cushion materials, the fabric, the skirt style and more.  Kravet has an incredible line of well-

made furniture that considers the fabric when pricing.  This means you do not pay separately for the fabric. 

And, the best part?  You’re getting a quality piece, made in America! 

You CAN afford custom!