We were called to this beautiful single beam construction home on a lake almost totally encased in wood other than two baths built on each side of the 2nd floor.  each bath comprised of two rooms, a sink room with carpet and a toilet/shower room.  The baths were small with varying height ceilings with tiny showers.

The homeowners wanted to open the space and create larger baths.  Showing here is the master bath; see later the guest bath.  in order to create the space this couple desired, it was necessary to remove a small closet for maximum use of space.  as they planned to use an armoire for clothing, removing the closet didn't present a hardship.

There were two entry doors, one from the hallway, the other from the bedroom.  the hall entry was closed.  lowered ceilings were opened to discover plenty of space to bring the ceilings to a higher point.  electrical, lighting and exhaust fans were relocated for the best usage in the new plan.

the homeowners desired a large shower, so we created a 4 x 6 shower with cubbies for storage, multiple shower fixtures, a bench and glass doors.  we used pebble tiles on the floor and multiple direction larger tiles on the shower walls with accents.

working around the structural beam, we were able to include a double vanity with lots of storage, some open shelving on the beam side for easy access and mirrors to match.  cambria quartz counters add warmth.  quartz was also used on the shower threshold and partial wall by the bench.

for the floor, we created a tile "rug" outlined in a coordinating tile with angled tiles inside the border.  Small stone squares were set inside the triangles for more definition. 

blinds to match the wood tones of the cabinetry were installed on the window for privacy.