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What we do and how it benefits you.

Captives of our living space, we are oftentimes inhibited by interior barriers such as walls, doorways, walkways, stairs, poor lighting, tired or outdated finishes, limited storage and interrupted traffic patterns.  Our company focuses on redesigning space. 

We are professional planners. We investigate your space, assess its limitations and abilities, tie those in with your needs and desires to create concepts for living in ways you may not have anticipated. We’re interested in you, the person, in you with your limitations, your personal issues, your living needs. We demonstrate how your space can work for you, enhance your space with quality products and ensure your builder understands your renovation goals.

Every person benefits from good interior design. True interior design creates spaces that enable all people to exist and live their lives in spaces that adapt to specific needs, that provide comfort, and sustainability of life.

Working on projects of various size and scope from a single room, to a kitchen remodel, baths or an entire home you can be assured of intelligent planning guiding you through every phase of renovation.  With over 27 years' experience, you can be confident, you're working with a professional who understands and works for you.

Trusted resources and experience create good decisions that enhance and complete your interiors,  maximizing your budget.  Smart decisions save both time and money.

3D CAD of proposed renovation

3D CAD of proposed renovation

Final New Layout for Kitchen Above

Final New Layout for Kitchen Above

Design is not our job, it's our passion. We love it and live it everyday. Everyone deserves safe, functional, aesthetic interiors with good organization and carefully planned living spaces that lift the human spirit making you want to be home.


Designer, Maria Perron

Transforming interiors focusing on the human spirit with timeless design is the signature of award-winning designer Maria P. Perron.  Maria is a professional member of ASID, American Society of Interior Designers and is certified by NCIDQ, National Council for Interior Design Qualification.  Together with a team of highly-skilled builders and trades, you are assured of an excellent experience. You are listened to, heard and respected.  Focusing on the human aspect of interiors and getting to know clients on a personal level are the trademarks that have built Vintage House Design into a respected design company. The mission of design at Vintage House is based on core values of integrity, charity and creating spaces clients can't wait to come home to. At Vintage House our clients expect us to jump in and grab the challenge; research solutions and get it done with minimal supervision.  

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