The process.

Let's talk.  Tell us about your project; what you are trying to accomplish? What room or rooms have issues or need updates or changes? Do you need more space and hope to move interior walls or do you plan to work with your existing space?  What doesn't work?  What are you missing you could use such as a mudroom, space for the kids either for play or homework?  Are things broken; old; tired and outdated?  What are you willing to invest to make achieve your goals?

First meetings are crucial.  Through conversation, we learn how best we can be of service to you and can give you options regarding the work helping you prioritize.  You can hire us on the spot or talk it over and give us a call. 

Cost for this?  $0


Next Steps.

Should we agree to work together, we will present a contract explaining fees for design services. Based on our initial meeting, we’ll outline work we discussed and set a fee for that work. Design planning is usually done on a flat fee basis for which we request a deposit to begin. We begin with initial measurements of your interiors, discussions relating to existing heating, plumbing and electrical systems and needs.


After inputting “as-builts” into CAD 2-3 initial conceptual drawings of your space with ideas for your review will be developed. Depending on the work and your specific needs, plans may show changes in room design including new doors, windows, added space and changed wall configurations. Cabinets and countertops will be laid out as well as basic appliances and fixture locations. Specialty built-in items may be included.

Based on the concept that most suits your needs, we will have a conversation about budget which is preliminary. Final budgets cannot be developed until plans are finalized and fixtures, appliances, flooring, lighting, finishes and more are decided.

Phase II of planning includes design development of your final plan will include a detailed floor showing all structural and non-structural changes to the proposed space. This will include detailed layouts for cabinets, countertops, appliances, fixtures and any specialty built-in times. An electrical and lighting plan will be provided as well as elevations of walls showing detailed design as well as 3D models or photo realistic renderings of your space to help you visually “walk” through your new space.

Should your project demand the services of experts such as an architect, structural engineer, plumber or electrician, we will bring them to the table so that as a team, we create a specialized group of people with the experience to complete your project with high quality.  Should you prefer your own team, we will gladly work with them. 

Cost for this?  Billed at our hourly rate and design fees are dependent upon size/scope/details of project.


working the plan.

Contracts for trades are usually undertaken at this time.  We provide liaison services to ensure the work is completed to specifications and answer questions any trades may have while underway.

We have many partners with high quality products we've used over the years we've come to rely on which are available to you usually at reduced pricing.  Depending upon what you choose, we price each item and with your approval purchase, oversee, deliver and have installed those items.

Cost for this? Billed at our hourly rate and dependent upon products chosen.


With us, you'll know exactly what's going on throughout your project.  We speak a lot by phone, but can text and email if you prefer.  If you live outside the area, that's OK.  We've worked with many homeowners who own more than one property and can collaborate with online design to get you where you need to be.  We offer only high-quality, time tested products at a fair price from companies we trust.  You'll be more than satisfied.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.