First things first.

Let's talk.  Tell us what you are struggling with; what your project is; what you are trying to accomplish. What room or rooms have issues or need updates or changes.  Do you want to move interior walls or leave the existing space as is?  What isn't working?  Talk about your family, your needs, your wants and desires.

Next Steps.

Let's get together.  We set up an agreeable time/date to meet at your home.  Based on our phone conversation I may bring some things to get you thinking; portfolio; rooms to show you what is possible; and written information about the company.  There is no charge to come to you and walk through your project(s).

Moving on.

After this first meeting you have the opportunity to hire us on the spot (we love that) or talk it over and call us back.  We leave you with an agreement which spells out what we can do for you; who we may need to hire to work with us based on project needs; products we can supply for your project; how payments are managed and more.  We'll discuss priorities, even phases of the work if you have a lot on your plate and offer you order and timelines for what you'd like to get done. 


With us, you'll know exactly what's going on throughout your project.  We speak a lot by phone, but can text and email if you prefer.  If you live outside the area, that's OK.  We've worked with many homeowners who own more than one property and can collaborate with online design* to get you where you need to be.  We offer only high-quality, time tested products at a fair price from companies we trust.  You'll be more than satisfied.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

*Online design.  Service we offer for those who don't live in our geographical area.  Watch for details coming soon.