Christmas at the Fells in sunapee, new hampshire.  gorgeous and stately home where each year as a donation designers are invited to decorate one of the rooms.  we chose a small bedroom and used timeless furniture with lace and tea to set the mood of winter.  leafless branches behind the bed, white painted branches in the window exemplify the starkness of the season, yet the greenery of the tree and wreath warm the room.  to accent the white satin draperies, we added greenery to the top, letting it drip down the sides of the window.  a portrait of the owner hangs on the wall.

This historic home was our former showroom.  we had unbelievable fun at christmas time adorning this home with greens, bulbs, roses, victorian santas, poinsettias and trees.  each room was unique to the others in color and style to demonstrate unlimited options in furniture and furnishings.  hope this gives you some ideas for your home.

wreath inspiration.