This adorable cottage is up in Eastport, maine, boasting such experiences as the old sow whirlpool, views of campobello island the summer home of the roosevelts and the easternmost city in the usa.  we fell in love with this little city and all its charm. 

since it's oceanside, we filled it with iron beds and quilts, charming antique tables painted white, floral needlepoint rugs and lace curtains.  simple, charming, cozy, the blue striped sofas with their down cushions welcome weary fishermen home.  wicker rockers and seaside art evoke salted air, lobster and the chowder house, a fantastic establishment within walking distance serving up 5 types of chowder.

live music on the weekends, a hardware store with everything you might need for any circumstance and sweet shoppes with gifts and tokens, this little city has an art center and is thriving due to a group of very dedicated individuals putting in the time and effort to keep eastport alive.

if you're seeking a charming seaside city to visit, put eastport into your gps and drive route 9 east till you can go no more.